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Mayo & Peter

At Mayo and Peter, we know that having the right people in your organisation, is the key to giving you the competitive edge in business. As one of the leading executive search and Talent Management service providers based in the Middle East, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding services to our clients. We focus on providing dedicated and tailored services. Let’s team you up with a consultant and start growing your business now!

We pride ourselves on our ability to make the right partnership between client and candidate, and our professional, experienced team have the capabilities and resources to handle even the most challenging assignments.

Succession planning is a critical aspect of the sustained success of any organization. Our succession planning support services includes analyzing your current resources, identification of any gaps you have in your chain of leadership, potential promotion opportunities for current employees and identification of positions needing external recruitment. This process can also help to improve retention levels within your organization.

We also provide a range of assessment services Smart Interview tools as well as executive and Career coaching and consulting services to support the entire cycle of talent management process all industries.

If you are a candidate looking for a career consultation to boost your chances to achieve your personal and professional goals or Coaching to build your inner strengths and capabilities to face the challenges in your personal and professional front successfully, let us take you to that next level of your career. Remember, the sky is the limit!

Why Us

Make no mistake, competition for top talent is fierce. A clear, well-executed Talent Management Plan is a critical component of organizational strategy. A Talent Management Plan brings laser-like focus on selection, development and retention of the best people to deliver the organization’s goals.

Business success begins with attracting the right calibre of talent. Failures of executives and managers can arise for numerous reasons. The root cause may lie in cultural mismatch, inadequate assessment processes at the time of hiring, organizational politics or an absence of a cohesive Talent Management Plan.

The price of failure (i.e.: a bad hiring decision) is high. Research suggests that a bad hire of a manager incurs an average direct financial cost of over US$40,000. That’s a significant drain on an organization’s resources. These costs can include:

  • the cost of hiring
  • the investment made in development and training
  • the salary paid till performance was evaluated
  • Severance costs

Add to these purely financial costs the far greater adverse impacts on the morale of a team, the loss of momentum, possible reputational damage, the delays in executing strategic plans, the advantage ceded to the competition—and it becomes clear why leading organizations take talent management seriously.

They know that finding the right partner to help navigate the often-treacherous waters of talent management is critical to the successful execution of their organizational goals and business plans.

Our Vision Statement

Mayo&Peter is a premium provider of talent management services focused on supporting our clients across the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. We provide end-to-end talent management support including executive search, talent identification, selection, recruitment and ongoing staff development. We work with organizations and businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Our clients have one thing in common – they share Mayo&Peter’s unwavering commitment to gaining the winning edge that will maximise their potential for success.

Our consultants are professionals with decades of experience and expertise across all facets of the talent management process, from Human Resources to Workforce Planning to Industrial Psychology and beyond. Added to this are their roots in real-world commercial and business sectors such as Engineering, Energy, Banking &Finance, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Retail. When it comes to talent acquisition services, Mayo&Peter goes beyond the conventional recruitment process, focusing on potential assessment and cultural matching as well as testing the experience claimed in resumes.

And our service continues long after placement. We closely monitor the performance of individual executives and managers placed by us – subject to the willingness of employer to share- and utilise the insights we gain to continually improve the services we provide.

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